Saturday, February 19, 2011


Where oh where have my ankles gone?!  For almost two weeks now I've had swollen calves and feet.  At first it would go away over night but now the Cankles are here to stay. :( (I think you spell cankles with a "c" and not a "k". Oh well, you know what I mean)  This picture isn't a good quality picture but I like it.  I'm on the couch where I basically live these days.  My cat has taken over my body pillow and the best can see the three swings set up in the background.  I can't wait to be off this couch and using those swings! (Thank you to the Shores, Vanessa, Julie, Leslie and Aunt Christy for the swings!)

My stats:

Total weight gain: 41 pounds
Belly inches: 48.5

I understand that it is very normal to gain 50 to 60 pounds in a triplet pregnancy, depending on how long you carry them.  And I'm ok with my weight gain so far.  But I am NOT a fan of being told I'm HUGE.  Yes, I know I am....but telling me how big I am isn't necessary.  I prefer the nick name my Grandpa gave me.....SLIM :)  So here is my "Slim" picture: @32w 1d

Not too many details in the baby/Dr. appointment department this week, We have our next big scan this wednesday. We are looking forward to "seeing" the babies again!  And anxious to find out how our little peanut (baby C) is doing, weight wise.

Ryan's family gave me a beautiful baby shower last weekend.  It was so nice seeing everyone!  Ryan went too, to help with the gift opening.

Darlene made these cute cakes!

The two Grandmas-to-be
The future Aunts!  Aunt Candice, Aunt Michelle, and Aunt Holly
Such a beautiful set up! And the food was deeeelish!
Me and My cute Husband :)

Ryan, enjoying the fact that he is the only male at the shower!
He opened the gifts and I opened the cards! Team effort.
Hopefully our team effort will come in handy for diaper changes too! :)

Ryan's face interpretation:  "Oh, great.....our daughter is going to be a spoiled girly girl"
Back pain!
The awesome handmade bibs from my mom!!!

Ryan practicing his burping technique! Going to get both boys burped at the same time!

Ryan and I had such a great time and we feel so blessed to have such an awesome family to celebrate with!

   I'm turning 29 in 9 days! Will I have these babies before or after my birthday!?! Or maybe even on my birthday! February 28 isn't too far away! We are almost to our goal of having March babies :)

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