Friday, February 25, 2011

BitterSweet BirthDay

February 23rd
I was at 32 weeks 6 day shy of 33 weeks!  I had two appointments to go to.  My ultrasound at 8:30 and my OB at 10:45.  At this point it is amazing that I'm still pregnant but I felt that even though I wasn't feeling any contractions or potential labor signs, that we should go to my appointments with our bags packed in case my doctor said we needed to go to the hospital for bed rest.  So we packed the night before and headed out early to our appointment. At the ultrasound appointment the measurements of two of the babies were going great.  Then the tech got to the third and had the doctor come in to watch......all I heard from the doctor was "where's the fluid?"...."fetal demise".  Our day changed at that very moment.  They stopped the ultrasound and said to go to my OB appointment as scheduled.  They could not verify which baby was still alive, baby girl or baby C boy.   We had about an hour until my OB appointment to sit in the car and think about this horrible news we just heard.  We are such an emotional mess and of course we are super worried about the other two.  Ryan and I were trying to comprehend the news we just got and how we were going to handle the rest of the pregnancy knowing one of our sweet babies was no longer living.  Dr. Thomas (my OB) was surprised my body hadn't gone into labor on its own yet.  He said I needed to have stress tests done on the babies every other day.  He sent us to Labor and Delivery at the hospital, for some blood work and to do a stress tests on the two babies to make sure they were still handling the pregnancy okay and that the fetal demise wasn't affecting them.  We got to L&D at 1:30.  I was put on the monitor and within 10 minutes one of the babies heartbeats was at a decelerated rate for too long.
  The next 35 minutes was a whirlwind.  I met the hospitalist OB, my nurse, the anesthesiologist, the pediatrician, Ryan barely had enough time to run to the car to get the camera (we thankfully had packed!) And while running to the car, call our parents to let them know I was going into surgery.  At this point Ryan and I still didn't know if we were going to have two boys OR one boy and one girl.  I was in the operating room getting prepped, while Ryan put on all of his scrub gear outside.  I was ready for surgery and felt them start before Ryan was even in the room!!  He made it in just in time to take a picture of our first baby being pulled out.  By 2:15 the babies were born.  I heard baby number 1....."it's a boy!" Here comes baby #2...."It's another boy!"  At the same moment of realizing that it was our baby girl we had lost,  I heard the cries of our two precious boys.  So many mixed emotions, it's hard to express in words.

Baby A: Vincent Ryan 4 lbs 15 oz
Baby B: Karissa Marie 2 lbs 14 oz (our angel baby)
Baby C: Landen James 3 lbs 7 oz

Ryan was able to go take pictures with the boys right away.
Vincent Ryan
Landen James
Vincent wasn't breathing well from the very beginning so they were taking him straight to the NICU, but Landen was stable enough to come see me in the operating room while I was being stitched up.

Two things that I will always remember about this moment,
1. How cute and small his face was
2. How warm his cheek was when I kissed it
Our 1st  picture with Landen
After the surgery I was wheeled into a recovery room.  The nurses got Karissa all cleaned up and dressed in a cute outfit and then brought her in the room with us.  Ryan and I were able to hold her and take pictures with her and say our goodbyes.  She was so tiny and precious.  It was hard to see her but it was good for us to be able to say our good byes.  She will always be a part of our family and her brothers will hear about their sister Karissa who is in heaven.

The hospital put together this memory box of Karissa
And the nurses all signed this card for us.
We will miss you forever Karissa Marie Holguin

Thursday was a great day for the boys.  They had been put on CPAPs immediately after birth, to help them breathe and by 10:00 Thursday morning, the boys were doing so well that they were able to come off the oxygen completely. They still had a feeding tube in their mouth but the nurses were saying that wasn't enough food for them, they seemed to be hungry all the time.  So Thursday afternoon they had their feeding tubes out and were eating out of the bottle. They started out with 2 mls of formula which wasn't satisfying them enough so they were then given 5 mls (they get their feeding every 3 hours).  

Friday the 25th the nurses were no longer measuring out amounts for them, they just let them eat as much as they wanted within a 30 minute period.  Both boys were up to 30 mls by the afternoon!!!  At this point they are doing so well, they are going to be moving to a less critical NICU room Saturday morning and they are now considered to be at the "feed and go stage".  Since they are breathing on their own, they just have to maintain their eating amounts, gain some weight (really only Landen has some weight to go yet, Vincent is already close to 5 pounds!)  And they have to maintain their body temperature outside the incubator.  The boys will be co-bedded sometime on saturday.  I can't wait!!! We will be able to get pictures of the boys together for the first time.

Here are some pictures of our precious boys:

Vincent Ryan (he looks alot like Ryan!! Living up to his name)

They have the NICU signs I made for them on their incubators, and
the blankets and beanies my grandma knitted for them.

little mini Ryan

Landen James (Ryan says he looks like me.  He has lighter hair than Vincent. But they definitely look like brothers!)

So warm and cozy

I guess I couldn't get him to smile for the picture. haha

Ryan and I are so blessed with these two little guys. And we are so Thankful for everyone praying for us.  We are surrounded by so many people who love us and who have been praying for us during this whole pregnancy and we really are grateful for the kind words during this hard, yet happy time.  We know the Lord is taking care of sweet Karissa and has entrusted us to take care of Vincent and Landen.
We are looking forward to the the fun times ahead with our twin boys! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Where oh where have my ankles gone?!  For almost two weeks now I've had swollen calves and feet.  At first it would go away over night but now the Cankles are here to stay. :( (I think you spell cankles with a "c" and not a "k". Oh well, you know what I mean)  This picture isn't a good quality picture but I like it.  I'm on the couch where I basically live these days.  My cat has taken over my body pillow and the best can see the three swings set up in the background.  I can't wait to be off this couch and using those swings! (Thank you to the Shores, Vanessa, Julie, Leslie and Aunt Christy for the swings!)

My stats:

Total weight gain: 41 pounds
Belly inches: 48.5

I understand that it is very normal to gain 50 to 60 pounds in a triplet pregnancy, depending on how long you carry them.  And I'm ok with my weight gain so far.  But I am NOT a fan of being told I'm HUGE.  Yes, I know I am....but telling me how big I am isn't necessary.  I prefer the nick name my Grandpa gave me.....SLIM :)  So here is my "Slim" picture: @32w 1d

Not too many details in the baby/Dr. appointment department this week, We have our next big scan this wednesday. We are looking forward to "seeing" the babies again!  And anxious to find out how our little peanut (baby C) is doing, weight wise.

Ryan's family gave me a beautiful baby shower last weekend.  It was so nice seeing everyone!  Ryan went too, to help with the gift opening.

Darlene made these cute cakes!

The two Grandmas-to-be
The future Aunts!  Aunt Candice, Aunt Michelle, and Aunt Holly
Such a beautiful set up! And the food was deeeelish!
Me and My cute Husband :)

Ryan, enjoying the fact that he is the only male at the shower!
He opened the gifts and I opened the cards! Team effort.
Hopefully our team effort will come in handy for diaper changes too! :)

Ryan's face interpretation:  "Oh, great.....our daughter is going to be a spoiled girly girl"
Back pain!
The awesome handmade bibs from my mom!!!

Ryan practicing his burping technique! Going to get both boys burped at the same time!

Ryan and I had such a great time and we feel so blessed to have such an awesome family to celebrate with!

   I'm turning 29 in 9 days! Will I have these babies before or after my birthday!?! Or maybe even on my birthday! February 28 isn't too far away! We are almost to our goal of having March babies :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Triplet Nursery

First of all......Ryan and I would really like to thank the anonymous person who sent us a card and a generous amount of money.  Ryan and I have been praying for these babies before they were even conceived and we definitely feel the Lord is continually blessing us and we are very grateful for such supportive friends and family.  So to whoever sent us the card we are SO thankful!!

So...Ryan has moved out!!! Okay not really out but out of our room and into the guest bedroom.  I guess its hard to share a bed with a huge pregnant lady, two pillows and two body pillow.  Who knew?!  I guess he was waking up every two hours hearing me get up and go to the bathroom, poor guy just wants some sleep. I wonder how much sleep he will be getting once the babies are here? haha.

I got a good report from the doctor this week.  Still low blood pressure.  No bed rest yet, and he sees no reason to see me every week, still only every other week!  The doctor talking about making it to 36 weeks and might even consider letting me go to 37 weeks!  I'm thinking that is crazy talk! Only time will tell :)

Total weight gain: 35 lbs
Belly Inches: 47.5 inches

Picture @ 31 weeks

Ryan and I have been busy working on the nursery and getting it ready.  Lets just say its a nursery on a budget, when you're buying 3 of everything you can't indulge on a lot of decorations plus, once you have three cribs in the room there really isn't much room for anything else, right?!?

Ryan painted the room.  The only room is this house he has painted! (he hates painting)

My dad helped Ryan build shelving units in the closet.  And since we had two other closets the same as the nursery they decided mass production would be efficient! So the closet in the guest bedroom and in my scrapbook room have the same shelving.  I feel like my house is so organized now!! :)

My talented sewing mom helped me find a fabric that can be both boy and girl and then she sewed the adorable bedding for ALL three cribs!  Crib skirt, bumper pad, quilt and adorable little pillows :)  (yes, I know the quilt and the pillow can't be in the crib with them until they are bigger)

My friend Vanessa came over to help make these cute french bulletin boards! And the plaques above them have to have the babies names put on them and some ribbon.  Not quite done yet....Can't reveal the names just yet!!

Gotta love the 3 boppy pillows!

The changing table needs a couple more things.  And the three frames are for the beautiful stitcheries my sister made.  She just has to add the names and birth weights once they arrive.

I love this vinyl saying I made on my cricut machine.  I think the dragonflies are so cute. 

Notice the "girly" one in the middle :)

The closet in use! 

Can't wait to fill this bow hanger I made, with cute bows and headbands!!

I'm looking forward to one more shower with Ryan's side of the family!!  Ryan is going too!!  So he gets to help open some gifts. Can't wait!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First visit to Labor and Delivery

Well HELLO 30's!! I'm so excited to be out of the twenties and into the 30's.  These next few weeks are going to be icing on the top for this pregnancy.  The babies will be doing a lot of growing and I sure have noticed a huge increase in appetite and weight gain already!!
Earlier this week I noticed some constant cramping in my lower belly area.  It wasn't really anything I had felt before. I called my doctor tuesday morning and he recommended I go to labor and delivery just to be put on the monitor and check everything out.  So Ryan and I headed to Fresno.  They did a fern test which was negative (tests for amniotic fluid present).  They did a fetal-fibronectin test which was negative (detects preterm labor within two weeks of the test).  Those are two big tests that we wanted to be negative!!! Praise the Lord!!!  They also did a urinalysis which detected a bladder infection.  This is probably an explanation for the lower belly aches.  While waiting for these test results I was on the monitor. All 3 babies heart rates were excellent!  However,  The monitor was detecting contractions.  They were small and infrequent.  I couldn't even feel them.  We were released to go home after only being there a few hours.  I am on 7 days of antibiotics and I'm on medicine to stop the little contractions that I was having.  I also had to get my rhogam shot since my blood type is O negative.  One bonus for the trip was getting registered at the hospital and getting our name in their computer system. AND now we actually know where to go in case next time is more of an emergency situation.  (Fingers crossed we will have no such experience)

On to my stats:
Total weight gain: 32 pounds (I'm up 5 from last week!! That is a crazy big jump)
Belly Inches: 46.5 inches

This week has been by far the hardest week. Having a cold doesn't help. But I can definitly feel a decrease in energy and an increase in pain and being uncomfortable in general.  I have not been assigned to bed rest yet (which is amazing for a triplet pregnancy) However, I'm telling myself I'm on self-prescribed modified bed rest :)  I usually don't listen to myself very well though, but I have to take it easy for the "3 knuckleheads" (as Ryan calls them)

**My awesome cousin Chelsey came to visit this past weekend and helped me work on nursery decorations.  It's really coming together! Can't wait to post pictures on the blog soon**

Here's my picture from today (@30 weeks)