Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

We are welcoming 2011 with much anticipation! This is the birth year for our babies.  Yah!  We are in week 25! Only 3 more to go, to reach the BIG goal of 28 weeks.
I received my lovely steroid shots this week.  The doctor gave me my the first shot at the office, while showing Ryan how to do the second one.  24 hours later I got the second shot at home.  I think Ryan really enjoyed sticking a needle in me.  He was smiling, me...not so much.  The steroids stung like crazy! but they are going to benefit the babies so it's worth it.  The steroids help with their lung development and since it's known that triplets are usually born before 35 weeks, it is important to get their lungs developed quickly.  Weeks 24/25 is when the steroids work the best.
We had an ultra sound scan this week. Babies are doing great! They have all managed to change positions.  Both Boy's heads are facing up now, in the breech position. Baby girl has managed to flip her head down, so her feet are towards my ribs :) How they have room for all that moving, I have no idea?! Here are their profiles and stats.
BABY A: Approximate weight: 21bs 1oz He is in the 77th percentile
(he has always been the biggest!)
BABY B: Approximate weight: 1lb 10oz (our little girl)
She is in the 45th percentile
BABY C: Approximate weight: 1lb 9oz He is in the 45th percentile as well.
(his legs are above his head so its not a clear profile shot)
Each time we have a scan done, the ultrasound tech tries to get a clear 4D picture of the babies. Baby C is in such a crazy position, his legs just blurred out his face.  Baby B is so cute, she was yawning and moving her mouth.  A real talker I'm sure.  Ryan is so going to love that! :)  Baby A had the clearest picture so I'll show you his cute face and his little hand under his chin!

The babies don't started fattening up until after 28 weeks. So next month's scan will be fun to see how much they have grown!
Nothing else to share so far.
We appreciate all your prayers! These next 2 months are going to be the most crucial and the hardest by far.  I'm praying we at least make it to the end of February!
Each week, I will try and post a baby bump picture. I'm sure it's going to be growing so much faster in the next 8 weeks!

Belly at 25 weeks.

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