Friday, January 28, 2011

Belly Itching

29 weeks. My last week in the 20's!  My belly is growing like crazy.  I see some possible signs of stretch marks. Boo!....My grandma says I should just get over it because I'm sure in the next month they are going to be popping up left and right! She's right, Oh well....That just means when I do have them I won't be posting any more bare belly pictures. I'll spare you that scary sight.  So with the growing belly comes a lot of itching!  My skin is stretching so much. I'm using oils and lotions daily so hopefully that keeps the marks to a minimum.  And my stomach is stretched to the point where I am numb to surface touch in the areas around my belly button.  A very strange feeling.

We had our monthly scan this week.  It's getting so hard to measure and see everything on each baby because they are so crammed in there and overlapping each other!!  But they all  look great. Excellent heart beats and fluid. Baby A had the hiccups during the ultra sound, so that was fun to see and feel at the same time.  The estimated weights are:

A (boy)  3 lbs 10 oz.
B (girl)   3 lbs
C (boy)   2 lbs 4 oz. ....Oh baby C.....He's our little peanut. :) Doctor says his weight it right on track and the other two are just a little on the chubby side.

I told Ryan, I wish I had some way of designating who gets the food I eat! I think we should be giving more food to the little peanut so he can catch up to his brother and sister.

So their combined weight is only 2 oz. shy of 9 lbs of baby! Anybody deliver a singleton baby at less than that weight!? I think a lot of full term babies weigh less than that!

My next scan is scheduled for February 23rd.  I hope I stay pregnant long enough to make it for one more scan.  That would be awesome!

I also saw MY doctor this week.  He says I'm doing very well compared to the other triplet moms he's had as patients.  He said they usually have had complications by now or have been in and out of the hospital monitoring contractions by this point.  So compared to them, I'm doing excellent.  He doesn't see any reason why I couldn't make it to week 33 or 34.  The farthest he would let me go is 36 weeks.  He said most triplet pregnancies end, not because the mom goes into labor, but because the mom's blood pressure gets too high that it becomes dangerous for the mom to stay pregnant.  My blood pressure is 104/66.  Which is on the lower end of normal (I think).  So no problem there...yet.

Weight gain......hmmmm...well I guess I will include this in each post because I think it will be crazy to see how much it will change in the weeks to come.  And I'll also include inches around the belly so you can tell how big I'm getting! If you can't see that already from the pictures I post. haha.

Total weight gain: 27 lbs. (keep in mind almost 9lbs of that is baby. Plus fluid and placenta weight for all  3. So I think I'm doing pretty good so far.)
Belly inches: 46 inches (First time I've measured it so I don't have anything to compare it to. We'll have to see what it is next week!)

Today was the first time I've had somebody as me if I was due any day now.  I said "no, I still have at least a month to go"  Her eyes got really big.  So I think that confirmed my feelings! I feel like I'm ready to pop! hah!

I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to my wonderful Husband!!! Ryan is turning 29 tomorrow, on the 29th of January.  His Golden Birthday! This year will be both of our last years spent in our 20's.  Crazy!  I say there is no better way to spend the last year, of a decade of life, than raising newborn triplets! This will keep us young.....right?!?!

Ryan took a picture of me and I couldn't believe the difference between this weeks and last weeks picture!!! You'll have to scroll down to last weeks post and compare. I have definitely grown in just one week.

I'm started to get wider on the sides of my belly! 


  1. You look so great! I am impressed with your weight gain (meaning it's not a lot :)! You are doing great! I gained 30 pounds in my pregnancy and I was only carrying a 7 pound baby! God is really with you through this. I really believe He will be glorified through the lives of your three blessings!

  2. You are doing so great, Heidi! I just looked it up and my stomach was about 45 inches around when I delivered my boys... I remember that "numb around the belly-button feeling"! You are boldly going where few women have gone before! Congratulations... I also remember when I had loads of time to go, people asked me every day, "Are you due any second?" You can kind of have fun with this - and it sounds like you are -- tell them your 40 wk due date!

  3. Thank you!! I'm pretty content with my weight gain so far. Hopefully I can't do too much damage in the next few weeks to come! Although my appetite is insane right now. :) That's crazy Evan that I'm the size you were when you had the twins. You had almost 13 pounds of baby....that is awesome, my goal is at least 16 pounds of baby! I'm very much going were few women have gone before! Thank you for your encouragement girls!!