Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Baby Shower!

My amazing cousin Chelsey along with my sister Holly, sister-in-law Heather and Aunt Lorrie gave me a beautiful baby shower.  Heather was flying in from Wyoming to attend a southern California wedding on December 4th and since that is where all my family lives they planned the shower that day. I'm so thankful Heather got to be there and share in my special day.  So my mom, my sister and I drove down south and stayed with my aunt for the weekend.  My ankle was still causing me pain, so I brought my crutches, several ice packs and pain meds.  Since showers were very hard for me, being on my foot that long was painful, I opted not to take a shower saturday morning when I woke up but I still wanted my hair freshly washed for the baby shower so this is how it was done....

On my Aunt's kitchen counter!!  I had my own personal hair stylists!!! My hair was washed, dried and smelled so good!  The things we do to avoid pain! :)

The shower was sooooo beautiful!! I made it there hopping on one foot and using crutches, almost fainted on the couch from getting a little over heated but was able to pull it together to get some good pictures and enjoy all of my wonderful family and all of their generous gifts to me.  I am feeling very blessed.

The Host!

Cute Flower puffs!

Thank-you for the beautiful shower ladies!
The Cutest Party favors

Cake Pops!
Chelsey made an adorable banner!
"Triple the Blessings"

This picture was taken just shortly before my fainting spell :)

Crazy game players!!!

My aunt strategically placed the bows :)
So I placed them on my belly in their appropriate place
I can't believe my grandma knitted THREE blankets!! They are beautiful and so soft.
She said she started the day I told her about the triplets
A pack-n-play!

Pee pee tee pees for the sprinkling wee wees! haha.
And they have little fire engines on them!
A fellow mommy of multiples! ( She has twin boys)
Baby Bump! 21 Weeks

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