Thursday, December 2, 2010

21 Weeks

So this week I've had a minor set back!  My ankle had been bothering me off and on for a couple days but then sunday after church my ankle was really throbbing and I couldn't get it to stop. There wasn't any swelling or redness but it hurt. Sunday night I had a hard time sleeping, my ankle woke me up around 1am, extremely throbbing and I was never able to go back to sleep after that, so when my alarm went off at 3:45 to get ready for work I got up to get ready but I couldn't even stand the pain long enough to get ready for work. So I called in sick thinking I would go to the doctor and get this fixed.  I went to the doctor monday he prescribed some meds. I tried to go to work tuesday but only lasted a few hours.  The pain was getting worse.  Wednesday I went to get x-rays, they were inconclusive. The films showed swelling but nothing abnormal for the bone structures.  I'm being referred to a orthopedic Dr. but he can't get me in until monday.  This is NOT how I wanted to use my sick time from work!!! I'm supposed to be saving this for maternity leave!
So it looks like I'm taking a trip down to LA for my first baby shower with a gimp foot and lots of ice packs! oh goodie.  I can't stand on my foot, As long as I keep it pretty still the pain subsides to a minor throb.  Ryan is getting his first glimpse of what bed rest will be like for me! I'm so thankful for him. He is taking such good care of me.  Poor guy, with these meds. I've been throwing up a lot this week, including in his truck when we were on our way home from the doctor.  I felt soooo bad. He just couldn't pull over fast enough.  He cleaned it all up with out complaining! What a trooper.
On a happier note Ryan and I were able to go to our 10 year high school reunion, It was great seeing so many people and catching up.

So we had a big ultra sound this week. All three babies are growing at the right rate.  Baby A weighs 1 pound!! B and C are right behind him at 15 oz. and 14 oz. respectively.  Doctor says everything looks great.  So I guess I just need to get this stupid ankle up and running and I'll be back on my feet.

***Still praying to make it to at least 28 weeks! So 7 more weeks to go, to meet my first goal!***

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