Thursday, December 23, 2010

24 weeks

VIABILITY!!!  We have made it to a major milestone today!!! I'm 24 weeks, which means if these little babies decide to come super early they still have 70% chance of survival outside the womb!!  Just 4 more weeks to make it to my BIG goal of 28 weeks.
I'm officially off work now. Trying to take it easy but the Dr. says I am NOT on bed rest. Which means he still wants me to stay mobile and do what I feel like I am able to do.  He said if I go on bed rest too soon, I might gain too much weight and my sugars could go out of wack.  I have my glucose test next week so we'll see if I pass.  My weight gain is 19 pounds so far. I weigh in again in 2 weeks.
This week has been pretty eventful. I came down with the flu on monday.  The flu is such a horrible thing to have and being this pregnant made it even worse!  It felt like I was going to have these babies every time I threw up! But thankfully it was short lived and I was feeling much better by wednesday.  Poor Ryan, he was such a great husband taking care of me, and as a thank you I guess I gave it to him. He came down with the flu just as I started feeling better.  Since the the flu put me in bed for a couple days, my ankle and my back have gotten much needed rest.  I haven't had to put ice on my ankle for 4 days now!! I hoping my "episodes" of pain are gone for good (keeping my fingers crossed)  I'm still going to the chiropractor weekly to make sure I stay in-line and my muscles stay relaxed.
The babies are moving like crazy! I can feel baby C's head rolling against my ribcage.  I'm sure that will eventually get painful. Every morning around 4:30 ALL 3 are moving, never fails. So I guess we know they will be early morning risers :)
Not big on the whole taking pictures of the baby bump thing but I figure I'll post some bare bellies this week because I'm sure the stretch marks are on their way! So here's my proof that there was a time my belly was free of stretch marks.
This is me at 24 weeks (keep in mind there are THREE in there, that's why I'm ginormous! Dr. says I'm measuring at 36 weeks if I were pregnant with a singleton)

The latest baby thing we've bought is our stroller. Ready for this? It's crazy long! The triple snap-n-go:
Can't wait to see the looks on peoples faces as I walk by with this thing full of babies :)

Here are some more Frequently asked Questions:
Q: Will you deliver naturally or have a c-section:  
         A: I will for sure be having a c-section. It's too hard to monitor all three babies during a natural birth
Q: So when is your scheduled c-section: 
         A: I won't get the luxury of scheduling a c-section and picking the birth date.  The c-section will be a last minute decision based on what is going on with my body.  If I go into labor super early they will try to stop it, if they can't then they will take me in for surgery.  I think the only time they will schedule a c-section in advance is if I go too long, which I believe is 36 weeks for triplets.
Q: Do you have names picked out: 
          A: Yes, we have the names picked out but we are keeping them a secret until the babies arrive.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this weekend, spending time with family and friends and remembering Jesus' birth.  He is the reason for the season and we have so many blessings to be thankful for!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Baby Shower!

My amazing cousin Chelsey along with my sister Holly, sister-in-law Heather and Aunt Lorrie gave me a beautiful baby shower.  Heather was flying in from Wyoming to attend a southern California wedding on December 4th and since that is where all my family lives they planned the shower that day. I'm so thankful Heather got to be there and share in my special day.  So my mom, my sister and I drove down south and stayed with my aunt for the weekend.  My ankle was still causing me pain, so I brought my crutches, several ice packs and pain meds.  Since showers were very hard for me, being on my foot that long was painful, I opted not to take a shower saturday morning when I woke up but I still wanted my hair freshly washed for the baby shower so this is how it was done....

On my Aunt's kitchen counter!!  I had my own personal hair stylists!!! My hair was washed, dried and smelled so good!  The things we do to avoid pain! :)

The shower was sooooo beautiful!! I made it there hopping on one foot and using crutches, almost fainted on the couch from getting a little over heated but was able to pull it together to get some good pictures and enjoy all of my wonderful family and all of their generous gifts to me.  I am feeling very blessed.

The Host!

Cute Flower puffs!

Thank-you for the beautiful shower ladies!
The Cutest Party favors

Cake Pops!
Chelsey made an adorable banner!
"Triple the Blessings"

This picture was taken just shortly before my fainting spell :)

Crazy game players!!!

My aunt strategically placed the bows :)
So I placed them on my belly in their appropriate place
I can't believe my grandma knitted THREE blankets!! They are beautiful and so soft.
She said she started the day I told her about the triplets
A pack-n-play!

Pee pee tee pees for the sprinkling wee wees! haha.
And they have little fire engines on them!
A fellow mommy of multiples! ( She has twin boys)
Baby Bump! 21 Weeks

Thursday, December 2, 2010

21 Weeks

So this week I've had a minor set back!  My ankle had been bothering me off and on for a couple days but then sunday after church my ankle was really throbbing and I couldn't get it to stop. There wasn't any swelling or redness but it hurt. Sunday night I had a hard time sleeping, my ankle woke me up around 1am, extremely throbbing and I was never able to go back to sleep after that, so when my alarm went off at 3:45 to get ready for work I got up to get ready but I couldn't even stand the pain long enough to get ready for work. So I called in sick thinking I would go to the doctor and get this fixed.  I went to the doctor monday he prescribed some meds. I tried to go to work tuesday but only lasted a few hours.  The pain was getting worse.  Wednesday I went to get x-rays, they were inconclusive. The films showed swelling but nothing abnormal for the bone structures.  I'm being referred to a orthopedic Dr. but he can't get me in until monday.  This is NOT how I wanted to use my sick time from work!!! I'm supposed to be saving this for maternity leave!
So it looks like I'm taking a trip down to LA for my first baby shower with a gimp foot and lots of ice packs! oh goodie.  I can't stand on my foot, As long as I keep it pretty still the pain subsides to a minor throb.  Ryan is getting his first glimpse of what bed rest will be like for me! I'm so thankful for him. He is taking such good care of me.  Poor guy, with these meds. I've been throwing up a lot this week, including in his truck when we were on our way home from the doctor.  I felt soooo bad. He just couldn't pull over fast enough.  He cleaned it all up with out complaining! What a trooper.
On a happier note Ryan and I were able to go to our 10 year high school reunion, It was great seeing so many people and catching up.

So we had a big ultra sound this week. All three babies are growing at the right rate.  Baby A weighs 1 pound!! B and C are right behind him at 15 oz. and 14 oz. respectively.  Doctor says everything looks great.  So I guess I just need to get this stupid ankle up and running and I'll be back on my feet.

***Still praying to make it to at least 28 weeks! So 7 more weeks to go, to meet my first goal!***