Friday, November 26, 2010

Half Way!! At least that's what the books say.

20 weeks and counting!!!  So all the pregnancy books say "Congratulations, you are now half way to your 40 week due date!"  Well since I'm for sure not going to be making it to my April 16 due date, I am way past half way! Yah! that I'm so far along and the doctors appointments will be more frequent, I will be making weekly posts for updates. OB this week didn't have any concerns.  I've gained 15 pounds!!! Doctor says I will probably be gaining at least another 30 more :(  There's alot of water weight with triplets.  We Got to see the little ones on ultra sound. Baby girl was sucking her thumb ;)  The only thing I DISLIKE about this pregnancy is the acid reflux!!  It is horrible.  I drink a gallon of milk in 4 days. Milk seems to be the only thing that helps with the heart burn.  I've been talking with another woman, via email, who had triplets this past august and she said her acid reflux went away they day the babies were born. Halleluia! I am looking forward to that day even more....if that's even possible.

So Ryan decided to get the christmas decorations up early this year. I couldn't help but look at our two stockings on the fireplace and picture 3 more there next year! How crazy is that!?!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. All the weight gain will be SO worth it! :D Love your fireplace!

  2. I know it's next to impossible to NOT worry about how much you gain, believe me I was so beside myself... but out of the 50 I gained with him alone I've already lost almost 25 thanks to nursing. It works wonders! It totally worth it too. About the heartburn I took pepcid cause tums did nothing for me. I had it practically everyday & yes it does go away immediately :)

  3. I'm having loads of heartburn too Heidi! Hang in there friend! I can't believe our babies will be here so soon! (well, youre three will come lots before my April 28th due date! ;) Kelly