Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Lines!!! Wait...is there really two?

August 1st.....a Sunday morning.  5 days before my test day, I thought what the heck....I'll test.  I started the test and thought what am I doing?! It's way too early in the week to test, and month after month of negative tests you kind of just expect every one to be negative. It was what I was used to so I knew this one would be negative and a waste of time. So...I went back to bed.  Wait, I can't go back to sleep knowing it's on the counter! So I hop out of bed to check, this time waking up Ryan as I jolted out of bed.  He asked what I was doing. I looked at the test and said I think I got two lines!! He said what do you mean you "think". So I showed him but he wasn't too convinced.  One was nice and dark and the other was barely there. I mean you really had to look at it closely to see it.  I agreed with him, it looked kind of "iffy"  At this point we both didn't want to get our hopes up. So we kind of shrugged it off. I would test again tomorrow.
Monday: same thing two lines
Tuesday: mom was coming over to hang out. If I'm going to tell her about this I better be sure. So I took two tests that day, yup still two lines
Wednesday: still one good control line and a tiny faint line.

Thursday my doctor ordered a beta hcg blood test. Hcg =450 at 14 days dpo!!  It's official I am finally pregnant!! The woman at the doctors office congratulated me and then proceeded to tell me that 450 was a rather large number and "there might be more than one in there" but we wouldn't know until my first ultrasound. WHAT?!  So I told Ryan the good news and the crazy news!! We couldn't wait for our ultrasound!  We kept thinking one or two, one or two?
August 26th....Supposed to be a super exciting day!!! Unfortunately Ryan was out of county on a fire in Riverside. I was so sad and disappointed he wasn't going with me for our first u/s. So I go alone. The entire way there and while waiting in the exam room I'm praying. Please let there be something there and let it be in the right spot.  Of course, when the tech gets the u/s screen up and tells me there is more than one....I'm shocked, overwhelmed and concerned all at the same time. A million things start flying through me head.  I think crying is a pretty natural reaction in that situation. I was able to call Ryan after the appt. to let him know and through my tears I told him the news to which he responded with his ever so positive attitude he has about everything...."well this is better than none! I think you would have different types of tears if they found nothing there. We've been extra blessed and our prayers have been answered!"
We have learned sooooo much about the risks and blessings of a multiple pregnancy in the past few months.  We have had so much emotional support from family and friends already. We are truly blessed! We feel it is an honor to be chosen by the Lord to take on such a unique experience and challenge.  I am starting this blog to keep people informed through out the pregnancy. So many people have questions and of course want to know how things are going. I will try to post something every week.  Maybe more often once I'm bored and on bed rest.  I make NO PROMISES however, to keep this thing going once the babies are here!
Here's our first recorded U/S of the Holguin Triplets:

(I was laughing during the recorded heartbeat of baby C, that's why it sounds funny)


  1. Sooooo glad you got it up and running!! Of coarse I already knew all the details but I loved reading it again! I still expect a personal update through ichat though ;) Love you and the babies!!

  2. Oh...and great job. It looks SUPER cute :)

  3. YAY! Love it!! And the blog looks SUPER cute! I"m a little jealous! I may need to step mine up now! lol