Monday, October 25, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you due? A simple answer would be April 16th. However, that is a date set at 40 weeks gestations. The average triplets are born at 33 weeks. Which puts me in the last week of February.  Of course Ryan and I are all about beating the odds these days so we are praying for March babies. I would LOVE to make it to 35 weeks. So please be praying and rooting for MARCH!

So do Triplets run in your family? A simple answer would be NO. However, there is an explanation for these babies.  Did you know that 1 in 10 couples suffer with infertility?  Did you know that it could take a NORMAL healthy couple 8 mo. to a year to conceive? Did you know that a YEAR of trying is a really really long time?? It's a really long time of answering questions like "so you've been married a while, when are you going to have a baby?" "Don't you want to have kids?" There were so many times that I just wanted to scream: It's not a matter of WANTING! I've been WANTING for a really long time.  Did you know that with every woman's cycle she only has a 20% chance of conceiving in any give month? 20%!!! How in the world are there so many pregnant people out there?!  If this blog post achieves only one thing, I hope it informs people that each pregnancy is a unique and a special gift from God. Pregnancy and pregnancy achievement should not be taken for granted and fertility should not be assumed.  It is a personal question to ask someone about their plans for children, given that you don't know what they may be going through privately. I would not wish the struggles of infertility on anyone, but I do feel like Ryan and I have both grown so much in our experience. We have grown together and we have grown in our faith. God has definitely taught us patience and has taught us to be faithful and with a triplet pregnancy I'm sure he's ready to teach us more and we are ready to learn! Anyway to get back to the question...We tried for a year before seeing an OB. Of course the OB wants to do standard testing before sending us to a specialist. Checking hormone levels, thyroid levels, counts, tube blockage, ect. These are all planned around the monthly cycle so again we are trying for more months during the process. We are sent to a specialist because of unexplained infertility. Ugggghhh!!! So frustrating. We started fertility hormone meds. I of course get my hopes up that it's going to work this month because we are being proactive and we are getting help......and of course....nothing. For four more months. Of course with medication comes an increased chance of multiples because of the overstimulation to the ovaries. A chance Ryan and I were both on board with. But after 4 months of this I'm thinking....sheeesh even this ISN'T working!!  By this time we are on our 18th month of trying to conceive and BINGO, we get not one, not two, but three! I'm thinking back on how many months went by with nothing and then the ONE month an egg takes it's actually three. I don't really know if I call that so much of an explanation, as I do a MIRACLE.  God has blessed us tremendously and makes the 18th months on an emotional roller-coaster worth every minute.

How are you feeling? A simple answer would be crummy.  I did have a good month of daily throw ups. Still do throw up on occasion.  Daily heartburn and a whole range of other not so fun symptoms. But I can still think back to 6 months ago like it was yesterday, listening to some friends complain about all their pregnancy ailments and I was thinking to myself  I would give anything to be puking my guts out right now if it meant that I was pregnant.  So how can I complain about something that I've been so desperately praying for? So you ask how I am feeling? I am feeling extremely thankful and grateful!

Who is your doctor? Well I can't see an OB in Visalia, all the doctors here don't see anyone with more than twins. So I'm going to Dr. Thomas, on OB in Fresno. He monitors my health. I also see a perinatologist in fresno, Dr. Woods and she monitors the babies.

Well that's all the questions for now, if you have more questions feel free to ask!!

We have only purchased one thing so far for the babies. And yes the purchase was X3. The cribs:

They make the room look super small!!!

Here's a cute picture frame my aunt made for us:


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!! Great job. So excited that that room is finally cleared out and is becoming a nursery!! Looks great. Love you :)

  2. Loved the question/answer session. The cribs look great and I love the picture frames :)

  3. So smart to have a FAQ post! Now you can just refer people to your blog :) It's funny though, I get asked so much about twins in the family, fertility treatments, identical vs. fraternal, "double trouble!" ... but it does open the door to talk to so many more people than you otherwise would, which can be a great opportunity. I'm still figuring out the best way to answer the questions graciously, since you probably get them forever...

    Cribs look great! I slept the boys together in one at first, which they really loved. We did that for about 5 months...

    Hope you start to feel a little better soon. Love you and go eat some premium ice cream like the book says! :)

  4. I loved your post. I have a couple members of my family who struggle with infertility. I thought you explained things really well. You are going to be an amazing Mommy!