Thursday, March 22, 2018

Raider Nation (December 2017)

Well, Ryan did it.  He convinced me to buy the kids Raider jerseys and take family photos for a Raider themed Christmas card. I joked that I would lose friends over this decision! But I still love him despite his love for the black and silver.  I must say the kids make some pretty cute Raider players.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Halloween 2017

I can't quite remember how my boys started liking the movie "Boxtrolls".  It's a bizarre movie about people who love cheese and a boy who was raised by trolls that live in boxes.  Anyway, when it came time to decide on Halloween costumes, they ALL 4 wanted to be a boxtroll.  I thought about trying to change their minds because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT A BOXTROLL IS! but then as I thought about the costumes,  it sounded like it would be pretty easy to make and very inexpensive! PLUS all of the kids agreed on that costume which meant I would still be able to stick with a family theme.  So I collected some boxes from work, some supplies from the store, and I tapped into the artistic ability of my art major husband. The costumes turned out great! and the kids LOVED them.

Boxtrolls being nice....

Boxtrolls being crazy...

Boxtrolls hiding in their box....

One of the biggest things with these costumes was deciding which boxtroll they were going to be.  Each one has their own sign and name and at one point they all wanted to be Fish.

Jacob ended up being Fish

Cruz was 'Wheels' since he has the shortest box

 Vincent was oil can....

And Landen, well Landen told me he wanted to be kay-nigh-kers. I said kay-nigh-kers? What picture would be on the front of kay-nigh-kers? So I asked him to show me which boxtroll that was.....

HAHA I died laughing!!!! OH Knickers!!! Then I told him he probably didn't want to have a box with girl panties on the front and he agreed so he decided to be Sparky.  Way more appropriate! and that boxtroll wears goggles so it was a great fit for Landen.

We did a short trick-or-treat loop around our neighborhood and then handed out candy.  It was pretty cold out for halloween and the boxes weren't super comfortable for the kids on their arms.  The kids like handing out candy probably more than they like trick or treating so they were good with a short time going door to door.

I was surprised at how many people recognized that they were boxtrolls! Those must have been some pretty convincing costumes ;)

Harvest 2017

It was a very busy month of October, the fire season was still going strong for Ryan.  We finally found a day to squeeze in the pumpkin patch and it happened to be a night we were watching Evelyn. So she was able to tag along.  We couldn't get her to smile but I think she enjoyed the night with us.


While I was taking this picture, Ryan took off and hid in the corn field.  Then as the boys started walking down the path after the picture he jumped out and scared them so good!  I have never seen them run so fast. Hilarious.

The kids had a harvest festival at school.  Games and candy galore.  And Jacob's class made a cool castle using 3-D geometrical shapes that was on diplay at the festival.

Fall 2017

Believe it or not, the kids have "fair day" at school.  They don't have school on the Wednesday of fair week.  We have made a big effort to take the kids to the fair every year.  It's always HOT and busy, but the kids love it.  This year we even ventured over to the big kid rides for a little bit. (BTW, kids grow up way too fast.)

We also make sure to stop by the Cal Fire set up, cut a log and visit Smokey the Bear.

I love the fair with these kiddos of mine.

My cousin Anneke and her husband Eddy were in the States visiting from Holland.  It is always great catching up with them.  One of these years Ryan and I (and possibly kids if we are insane enough) will go to Holland and visit them for a change.  I believe my parents are headed that way this year.

I'm still helping out with AWANAS.  It is fun having 3 out of the 4 boys in Sparks.  And Cruz is loving Cubbies.  AWANAS makes for a crazy Wednesday night but it's a great program, they are learning scripture and we love the special dress up days.

Crazy Hair Day

Jacob put on his vest by himself, can you tell?
I took a day trip to the coast to celebrate with my in-laws for their anniversary.  Ryan was working that weekend so after we spent some time at the beach and Avila barn, we stopped by Ryan's station before heading home.

Cruz was in a mood, can you tell?
 Jacob was upset that day because I had him in long sleeves and Vincent and Landen got to wear short sleeves.  Aye aye aye Jacob, always worried about what he is wearing.

During the months of August, September and October, the boys and I read the book Wonder.  We didn't read everynight and when we did, we only read a few pages.  But slowly we finished the whole book just in time to see the movie when it came out in November.  The kids loved it! I cried at the end reading it to them.  Such a great message for kids (and even adults for that matter).

I'm going to do a separate post for Halloween but skipping ahead to November, we celebrated Evie's 1st birthday.....

 ....and Thanksgiving at school.  I'm grateful that I am able to be in the classroom for some of these holiday parties.

Jacob's Kindergarten friend, Eli, took this picture :)
Grandma Greta came up for Thanksgiving week.  She came with us to see the movie Wonder.  It was so special having her with us.