Sunday, April 1, 2018

Holguin Christmas 2017

I love having time with just our little family, opening up presents, eating popcorn, and enjoying our gifts to eachother.

One of the kids' Christmas presents was a kitten.  They were so surprised!! They named him snowball and he has adjusted SO well to being around 4 kiddos.  He was 6 months old (his birthday is June 13th) when we adopted him, he was a stray brought into the SPCA.

The kids thought it was hilarious when the cat climed to the top of the tree

Ryan wasn't home for Christmas but he was coming home the next day.  So the kids got to open their pajama gift Christmas night and wear them to bed so they would be all ready for gift opening as soon as Dad got home in the morning.

Snowball made it in the picture choke hold style

Ryan had no rest time when he got home, the kids wanted to get right into gifts.  So much excitement!

 The kids shopped at the Santa store at school and bought eachother gifts.  And they bought Ryan and I gifts as well.  It was so cute seeing their wrapping job and hand addressed gift tags.

Vincent bought me this BEAUTIFUL red and white bracelet :)

The kids got some major wish list gifts

They HAD to help us parents unwrap

This was a Kurigg machine...for making coffee for the parents and hot chocolate for the kids.
We love getting a popcorn tin and munching on popcorn during gift opening.

Cruz was SOOOOO excited about this present because it was bigger than him.  He saw it the day it appeared by the tree and just couldn't wait to open HIS BIG present!  I think it was under the tree for at least two weeks.  That was a long time in the life of this 3 year old.

It was a kitchen!!! He loves making food for his mom and dad so he was excited to have his own kitchen.

The big gift of the year (and a major black friday deal) was their very own kindle fire tablets.  Each with their favorite color case.  (Dad thought he set all the parental controls on them, but it wasn't until they bought over $200 worth of items from amazon, did we realize they weren't quite set up all the way.  Lesson learned.....and I think Cruz was the culprit)

I love our family traditions we have and I love these special moments we have with the kids.  They sure do love eachother.  We are so blessed.

Christmas 2017

Our Christmas started early in December.  My Dad hosted his side of the family.  All of his family lives in Southern California and they all made the treck up for a Saturday of games, food and laughter. With the fires burning in California (one of worst Decembers California fire season has seen) Ryan was not able to be home for most of the family Christmas events. *big thumbs down*

 My cousin has two kids, it was fun seeing all of the kids' friendships grow.

 Evie even got in on the "Crazy Picture" action

GiGi hosts a Christmas gathering every year, and this year...she really threw a party!  She rented a party bus to drive us from her house to Newport Harbor where we boarded a boat and watched the Christmas light parade on the water. We were missing a lot of family members, Ryan included, but we still had a blast.

Party Bus Crew

We had school Christmas parties and performances, hung with friends and I hosted a cookie decorating party that I try to do every year.

We had to go to Christmas Eve service without Ryan, who was still working because of the fires.


Christmas at my parent's house

New watches and slippers (and a new outfit for Evie) - gifts from my brother's family

and Ryan's parents house
Some new WiiU and 3DS games
Ryan made it home the day after Christmas, So the boys had to anxiously wait for Ryan to come home in order to open their presents and see what was in their stocking.......

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Raider Nation (December 2017)

Well, Ryan did it.  He convinced me to buy the kids Raider jerseys and take family photos for a Raider themed Christmas card. I joked that I would lose friends over this decision! But I still love him despite his love for the black and silver.  I must say the kids make some pretty cute Raider players.