Sunday, March 19, 2017

Superbowl at the station

We got a new DVD player installed in our van.  The kids were so excited.  And Jacob says to Vincent and Landen "wow, our van is so cool, huh guys? our van is so cool!"  Just had to get that on record, because I'm thinking a few years down the road, he won't think his mom's van is so cool.

Cruz didn't last the whole movie, because mom planned the trip during naptime.  Strategic move on her part wink wink.

I must admit the DVD player with headphones made for a peaceful trip out to Ryan's new station.  He was moved to a different station just before the holidays, so I took the boys to check it out and hang out with him during the super bowl.  

A fire engine, is a fire engine to these kids.  It's always exciting.  And they all want to get a turn sitting in the front seat, and turning on the sirens.

I forget which kid took this picture. But they did a pretty good job.  Me and my firefighter.

February Camping

 Last year in February, we went camping at a KOA campground near Monterey and visited the aquarium and had such a great time. So this year we decided to go back to that same campground, but this time travel into Santa Cruz for a day.   We took the boys bowling for the first time.  

As we were driving into the city of Santa Cruz, my now rookie readers could read signs and they said look Santa....Cruz! Cruz, when we get there you're going to turn into Santa!! and then of course Cruz let out a shrill of excitement.  So maybe bowling was a little bit of a let down for him! haha.

We had some fierce competition going :) Well Ryan and I did.  It helped that I got a strike on my first ball.  But then it was all down hill from there for me.  I came in second :( The kids loved it!

I love this picture....Their silly faces make me smile.

Our final scores went right along with birth order, youngest to oldest.

All of the other days were spent in the campground.  We spent hours jumping on the "pillow", playing in the sand, and playing on the playground.

Jacob and the slide collided on our first full day in camp.  I freaked out. Ryan, the calm firefighter, said he would be fine.  He insisted that Jacob did not need stitches.  I of course asked him every 5 minutes...are you sure he doesn't need to see a doctor?!  I think after I asked for the 5th time he told me to take him in, give me some peace of mind.  The doctor on duty at the urgent care says no stitches, Ryan says "I told you so".  Whatever, at least I know I did the most I could do.  It is healing nicely.  Just a pink line now.

Day of accident

3 weeks later
We were camping over Valentines day.  So we had a special movie night, with valentines cookies and popcorn. Best way we could think of spending valentines day. (all of the other days we had s'mores for dessert of course)

We have quite a few more camping trips planned this year.  I think for the next one, we are headed to the beach.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Annual Tradition 5 years and counting

Every year we go to Knotts.  Every year we have a blast.  Every year we can't wait to go back.

We pretty much never let our kids drink soda.  It was a hot day, and it was an unlimited free refill souvenir cup.  This boy thought it was the best thing ever.  (most of the time it was filled with lemonade)

Their favorite ride this year was the big ship.  We must have ridden that ride at least 6 times.  And at the end of the day when we had ten more minutes to kill before the park closed, they all wanted to go back to the ship one more time. (Ryan and the kids are in the 3rd row from the back)

This is us on the ship....


 It was the day of the crazy faces for these boys

This year was the first year they seemed to be super drawn to the big roller coasters, most of which they were not tall enough to ride.  This sidewinder ride was the biggest one they could go on.  I rode with Vincent and Landen and let me tell you, I had a pounding headache for an hour after getting off of that ride.  Please don't tell me I'm too old for roller coasters!! I'm looking forward to Magic Mountain one day with my kids, but man, I'm not so sure I can handle it!

We are going to Disneyland soon and I just know it's going to be like Knotts Berry Farm times ten! Sooooo excited!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

By now the snow is probably melting

**late post**

For two years now the boys would look to the east and ask to go to the "snow mountains".  To be honest it has always seemed like too much work to take the kids to the snow.  And too much money for that matter.  All of those snow clothes needed to dress 6 people. No thank you!

Well, their curiosity got me feeling guilty so I decided to put a "snow day" on the calendar.  With work and camping and birthday celebrations, we had one day in January open in a two months span. unfortunately, that day happened to be at the tail end of a rain storm.  It was a gloomy and drizzly day but we headed up the mountain hoping for the best.

We went to Hume Lake.  On our way up the hill as we approached the park entrance there would be small patches of brown snow on the side of the road.  The boys flipped!

 LOOK SNOW!! Look more snow!! There's some more mommy!

I calmly said "just wait boys, just wait.  In ten minutes the snow will be everywhere and it will be a nice bright white"

It was sprinkling when we got there, but then it cleared up for a good hour or so and then it started snowing!  Unfortunately the lack of sunshine makes the pictures so dark :(

Thanks to several WONDERFUL friends, I was able to borrow all of our clothes/boots except for one pair of pants which I bought used for $3

This picture is deceiving. Cruz had fun, I promise.


We were also loaned a couple of saucers. What fun we had sliding down the hill.

Mommy and Cruz

Landen is our crazy kid.  He had fun doing faceplants on purpose. What a weirdo.

Here's proof that Cruz enjoyed himself....

.....until his hands were cold.  Jacob also tapped out when his had got too cold.  So there they sat on the bed of the truck, pouting that they were cold.  Vincent and Landen were still having fun so we stayed a bit longer.

Overall the trip was worth it.  The memories were worth it.  The kids are begging to go back.  We might need to make this a yearly tradition and I might need to start investing in snow gear.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Holiday Memories

I'm struggling to stay up with all of my pictures.  I so desperately need to write things down while they are fresh.  So I guess trying to remember events from two months ago is better than 2 years down the road and trying to remember what happened.  Better late than never! Our Christmas was fabulous in that is wasn't super busy.  We were able to enjoy our time with family and extended family, and even enjoy a little bit of time off work. 

 I guess an easy way to keep up with life is to not take very many pictures.  Between taking care of 4 munchins (especially at other people's houses) it is hard to even think about getting out my camera.  Sadly most of my pictures are from my phone and I just don't think the quality is that great.  I guess something is better than nothing.

We took our annual trip to Southern Cali. 

Celebrated with my mom's side at GiGi's house.  She made the kids hot chocolate.

 And GiGi took a picture with her great grand children (Just missing my brother's kids from Wyoming and Evie who must have been inside napping)
 This summer we will have ALL of the kids together! We are soooo excited.

We also got together with my Dad's side of the family.  Everyone was there! (except for my Brother's family.  Jess if you're reading should move back to California now ;) Just kidding, not sure California is the place to be at the moment, but it would sure be nice to have you all in these pictures)

 This is such a great picture of my Dad, his brother and his two sisters.

I love our family traditions we have with just our "little" family of 6 on Christmas eve (most years).
The boys put the star on their nativity picture, and they said goodbye to their elf on the shelf Josie (Landen wrote her some notes labeled "four Jose") and of course matching pajamas and popcorn during gift opening.  I found these awesome fire engine jammies.  They are so cute!

They got some fun Usborne books.

Cruz got Zootopia toys (it's currently his favorite movie.  That and the movie Home)

Vincent is still loving everything Mario. (and he loves all the princesses, especially Rosalina)

Let me just talk about these blind bags the boys go in their stocking.  Who is the crazy person came up with that idea?! Buy something you can't actually see?!?! I think it's rediciouls but guess who bought 4? that's right, this mom right here. How in the world are you supposed to "collect them all" when you can't even see what characater you are actually buying?!  We got one princess peach, two marios and a waluigi (who Landen already lost at school....big eyes rollings, I'm so not surprised)

I didn't have a picture of Landen with his big gift, we got him a remote control helicopter which turned out to be a major dissapointment, we returned it and he still hasn't used his money for something else yet. If he could, I'm sure he'd buy every stuffed animal he lays his eyes on.

Jacob is loving these Peppa pig toys.  He got the camper trailer from us and he ended up also getting the bus and house and train.  It's kind of a toy for Cruz too because they love playing Peppa pig together.
 I didn't take a single picture at my parent's house or my in-law's house.  Major fail this year.  The boy's aunts on Ryan's side got them Target gift cards.  That is like a huge deal, they know they get to use their "credit card" to buy toys.  The week following Christmas we took a trip to Target and the boys got to pick out what they wanted.  Landen is the only one who still hasn't spent all his money.

We have been enjoying all of the gifts were received this Christmas.  We feel very blessed for our time spent with family and the ability to spoil our children.  The soft Raider football Cruz got for Chrsitmas has been a blast (and is pretty much the only approved ball for indoor play).

Vincent used his drawing board he got for Chirstmas to draw his lovie (who he is still very much in love with.  That lovie has endured almost 6 years of kisses and hugs)

My new years resolution (made almost two months late) is to be better at keeping up with this blog so I can easily jot down our memories without struggling to recall the details.  This mom brain is seriously fried.

On to our snow trip.....